translated from Spanish: At least 181 Palestinians have died as a product of the Israeli offensive on Gaza

At least 181 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, 52 of them minors, since the start of Israeli bombings in retaliation for rocket launches into Israeli territory, according to the latest balance sheet of the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In addition, the balance includes 1,225 people injured. The Palestinian authorities themselves have warned that the figure could rise as a result of de-war work on the dozens of buildings destroyed in israeli aviation and artillery shelling. The balance sheet includes 26 people who have died in recent hours in Gaza due to saturday-Sunday night bombings that have destroyed two buildings. Also bombed have been the roads connecting the hospital of Al Shifa, the most important in the Gaza Strip, according to the testimony of neighbors and journalists present at the site cited the pan-Arab television network Al Arabiya.La most of the victims of this night were civilians and among them there are two doctors, one of them identified as Ayman Abu Auf , hospital employee. The Israeli Army, for its part, has reported aviation attacks on eleven rocket launch platforms and a Hamas cell in Jan Yunis on Sunday morning. In addition, the Israeli authorities have denounced intense rocket fire on Nebiot, Ashdod and Ashkelon, with no reports of personal injury at the moment. Meanwhile, twelve Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since the start of the violent escalation following the death on Sunday of a 15-year-old Palestinian teenager who was shot in Nablus by the Israeli Army last Wednesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported. Israel, for its part, has confirmed at least a dozen citizens who died during Hamas’ rocket launch campaign, the last of them on Saturday, identified as a 55-year-old man who was hit by one of these projectiles in the town of Ramat Gan.

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