translated from Spanish: Citizen Movement asks Bours to officially resign in Sonora

The Citizen Movement party asked Ricardo Bours to officially renounce his candidacy for the government of Sonora, so that he could be replaced by Manuel Scott, municipal leader in Cajeme.
This, after the applicant left the candidacy, asked to vote for the standard-bearer of the PRI, Ernesto Gándara.
Jorge Alvarez Máynez, Secretary General of Citizen Movement Agreements, asked Ricardo Bours to make the formal procedure, so that the new candidate can participate in the debate between candidates for the government this afternoon.

“Because he gave (Bours) a statement 24 hours ago, but he hasn’t had the elementary political courtesy to formalize his resignation before the competent bodies,” he said at a press conference.

Meanwhile, Scott (who was going for a diputation for a local district) said he will make a commitment to go for the governor’s office less than a month after the election.

“We had a local district won but today we took on a challenge, because it became clear to us that politics is not going to be done by one person. the commitment is clear to me, is to give voice to a generation that does not believe in politics,” the new candidate said.
On Tuesday, Bours said at Atando Cabos de Grupo Formula, that from 5 May he met with Ernesto Gándara, where “we explored a qualitative formula to make the best decision”, but that after the murder Abel Murrieta, former sprocurador in Sonora and candidate of Citizen Movement to the mayor of Cajeme, made the decision to retire.
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