translated from Spanish: Israel and Hamas commit to a truce after eleven days of hostilities

Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement today announced a bilateral truce to end eleven days of war escalation from Friday. The Israeli government, which does not usually rule on highfires with the militias, confirmed an «unseeded» agreement on the basis of Egypt’s proposal, a traditional mediator between the two sides. Shortly the day after, the Islamist spokesman said they «have obtained assurances from the mediators» for a «mutual and simultaneous» truce. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had rejected two previous truces, has been under great international pressure in recent hours, including that of US President Joe Biden, to accept a cessation of hostilities. Eleven days of escalation have cost the lives of 232 Palestinians, including 65 children in addition to 1,900 were injured. In Israel 12 people have died, including two minors, and more than 340 results injured. ALL CLAMAN VICTORIAThe Israeli Army and Gaza’s Palestinian militias continued the exchange of fire as information on the cessation of hostilities was already leaked and the Israeli Security Cabinet was still meeting. The Chief of staff, the head of the Internal Intelligence Service, and senior army command «informed ministers of Israel’s important achievements in the operation, some of which are unprecedented,» detailed an official statement.» Resistance shows in all its steps that it is the shield of the people and the most capable of protecting the foundations of the Palestinian cause,» Hazem Qassem, Hamas spokesman, proclaimed in a statement. PRESSURES FOR A TRUCE Diplomatic activity was intense today in the region. An Egyptian delegation travelled to Ramallaa in the West Bank to inform the Palestinian National Authority (ANP) of the possible truce. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was also in Israel and the Palestinian territories today, amid international efforts to achieve a de-escape of violence. Biden asked Netanyahu on Wednesday for an immediate «significant de-scalding war,» and middle-east special envoy Tor Wennesland also intensified contacts to facilitate the truce. From this MADRUGADAToday the terms of the truce are not known in detail but according to means would not include references to tensions over the eviction of Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem or the incursions into the Esplanade of the Mosques, which Hamas requested and which last May 10 triggered this unprecedented escalation in the last seven years. However, anti-aircraft alarms sounded again despite the announcement of the truce, the Israeli Army confirmed. Rocket launch from the farm, more than 4,400 since the start of the escalation, was followed by the Israeli military operation dubbed «Guardian of the Dead», which has had a high material and human cost in the blocked coastal enclave, where two million Palestinians live. The Israeli Army attacked more than 800 targets of the militias and their operations, and claims to have killed more than 130 militiamen. The ceasefire announcement came while a meeting of the UN General Assembly convened to pressure the parties, which called for a truce commitment, was still taking place. Clashes between the Israeli Army and Palestinian militias in Gaza have been the most serious since the 2014 war, which have ignited the growing tension between Palestinians and Israelis in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank and mixed cities in Israel.During this period, violence and civil clashes between Palestinians and Israelis have also spread that, beyond the escalation of war that could end this Friday , seem to have opened up a deeper crisis in the region.

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