translated from Spanish: Joe Biden signs anti-violence law to Asians in US

Washington. – This Thursday, May 20, U.S. President Joe Biden signed the anti-hate crimes against Asian-Americans act, which seeks to stop violence against this group of the population. Hate crimes against Asians in the US have increased since the start of the pandemic by Covid-19, as the first cases of the virus were detected in Wuhan, China.
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Joe Biden signed the decree after the law was passed by Congress with support from both Republican and Democratic parties. Read more: Joe Biden talks to Al Sisi about possible ceasefire between Israel and GazaIn a message to the media, the White House leader also talked about the violence that has passed through native Hawaiian communities in the Pacific, who helped shape the US.» My message to everyone who is suffering is that we see them. Congress said we see them. And we are committed to stopping hatred and prejudice,» he said as Biden.La seek to prevent violence against Asians was approved yesterday, Wednesday, May 19 in the House of Representatives. With a vote of 264 in favour and only 62 against. The U.S. Senate also gave the law the green light with 94 votes in favor and one against. Read more: Woman accused of lying about having cancer to raise $15,000

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