translated from Spanish: Mother of young men killed in El Bosque spoke of the prime suspect: “Perhaps she was jealous of so much love that I gave up my children”

During the last hours, the testimony of the mother of the two young brothers who were killed in the commune of El Bosque was known. The woman spoke to the morning “Much Taste”, where she clarified a number of aspects of the case and delve into the prime suspect, the 29-year-old man who lived in her house and whom she hosted a year ago after meeting him at work. “He lived a year. I offered him a piece to share the expenses together. (…) He looked like a very quiet boy (…) When he came back here to Santiago and had nowhere to live, I saw him very helpless, so I said look, my house is small, we don’t have many comforts, but with all the love of mother I offer you my house, I offer you my place with my children, I don’t have a partner, let that be clear, because they said that and he’s not like that” Said. “He was like a son to me, maybe I didn’t give birth to him, but I was like raising him, so I offered him my house, all the love of mother. I got him a job and started the process of working and taking care of each other.” Consulted for her attitude, she said she “never showed an act of suspicion. In fact we worked together (…) I always saw that I was taking care of my children.” My daughter always said to me ‘quiet mom, he’s always worried.’ To my son Alex anyway, it was a sibling-like concern. It’s always been like that.” However, specific, when consulted about whether she suspects him, the woman confirmed it, suring that “it was him.” Something happened to this kid’s head. And maybe he was jealous of so much love that I gave it to my children. Several times he would have said to me, ‘Claudia, I wish my mom had cared about me like that.'” “I think that was a outing of anger that caused this person to proceed in this terrible way that he did.” And in this sense, he insisted that “he is a danger” and that “he cannot be on the streets.”

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