translated from Spanish: Morena proposes to disappear powers in Tamaulipas state

Tamaulipas.- After a judge ordered the arrest of the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, Morena’s leader in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, announced that he will seek a political settlement for the disappearance of Powers in that entity.” I would like there to be a political agreement before the whole procedure began,” Ricardo Monreal said at a press conference.
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He acknowledged that it would not be easy for him to move the threads so that the Standing Committee of Congress would summon the Senate to an extraordinary period to discuss the issue (of 37 members, Morena and her allies have 24 votes, so they would have one to reach the required two-thirds). Read more: Ssa asks to exercise caution when vaccinating against Covid-19 in another country”It is never easy for me to build qualified majority,” he said, “the assessment I am taking with my group,” explained the morenist Ricardo Monreal.After four hours of mediation, the parliamentary groups of the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC issued communications to externalify their rejection of an extraordinary period and claimed that they will not support an attack on the federal pact.” We did not stand on a jury,” panist Senator Damián Zepeda externed, “In Tamaulipas, the leader of the local Congress, the panista Gerardo Peña, refused to leave the session open to call for the appointment of a substitute Governor, and questioned wrespect for the apprehension order against García Cabeza de Vaca.” No, today’s session is normal, very productive (…) So far we don’t even know that there’s such an apprehension order,” he said. Although he did not appear at public events, the Governor posted on Twitter his thanks to the PAN, PRI, PRD and Citizen Movement, for his rejection of the extraordinary period. Read more: INE supports using the same method to hand out plurinomine mepsOn yesterday, elements of the state government’s Special Operations Public Security (Gopes) Group, with armored patrols, guard the Government House, where the Governor is allegedly located.

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Original source in Spanish

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