translated from Spanish: Policemen who cared for Morena leader Mario Delgado in Tamaulipas, denies his version (Videos)

Mexico.-After this Friday afternoon, national brunette leader Mario Delgado said that gunmen had been intercepted by special forces policemen guarding Delgado on his Tamaulipas tour, they demined him.
According to the version of the elements, the men who paired themselves to the vehicle where Delgado and entourage traveled, were followers of Leticia Sánchez Guillermo, local deputy of Morena, to “throw slogans” against the leader of Morena.
The leader said in his post that gunmen had intercepted them with long guns and asked them to get out of the vehicle.
For his part, the policemen of the Special Forces Group (Gopes), who cared for him incognito along with Navy troops, uploaded a video and photographs showing the van where Mario Delgado was traveling and the vehicle that intercepted him.
In the van you don’t see people with guns and a person sitting in the back with a carefree attitude looking the other way.
The @SSP_GobTam and @SEMAR_mx escorted incognitos the operation of @mario_delgado president of @PartidoMorenaMx at his #Tamaulipas events today. People related to Leticia Sánchez Guillermo were the ones who were paired to launch slogans, not armed people. Don’t LIE
— ElGuzman ?? (@FuriaNegra7) May 28, 2021

Already at the event was recorded a video in which Mario Delgado is seen speaking at the event, when he is interrupted by the local deputy to try to snatch his microphone. After a struggle, the deputy retires as her followers disbeliever Delgado claiming the imposition of candidate Mario Lopez, in turn another group begins defending Morena’s leader.

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