translated from Spanish: This weekend strict confinement returns: what can be done and what can’t be done

This weekend the confinement in force between 22 and 30 May last, according to the latest Decree of Necessity and Urgency, according to the latest Decree of Necessity and Urgency.Therefore, from this Saturday at 0:00, in the Departments, Parties and Agglomerations that are in a situation of High Epidemiological and Health Risk or epidemiological and health alarm, the following measures will be applied:
Suspension of presence in economic, industrial, commercial, service, cultural, sports, religious, educational, tourist, recreational and social activities.

Workers should carry out their tasks in the form of teleworking, where possible. Where this is not possible, workers shall receive non-remunerative compensation equivalent to their usual remuneration net of contributions and contributions to the social security system. Workers, as well as employers, must continue to make personal contributions and employer contributions corresponding to the Obra Social and the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICES FOR RETIREES AND PENSIONERS -INSSJP- on the usual taxable remuneration (Laws Nos. 19.032, 23.660 and 23.661). The benefit established in the preceding paragraph may not affect the financing of social security, nor the rights conferred on workers by social security schemes.
People must remain in their habitual residences and may only travel to stock up on cleaning supplies, medicines and food and other necessities in essential shops and to withdraw purchases authorized by this decree, always in proximity to their homes.

Leisure outings may be held in public spaces, in the open air, in the vicinity, at times authorized to circulate, and in compliance with the general and mandatory rules of conduct established in Article 4 of Decree No. 287/21. In no case may meetings of people be held, nor rallies, nor group recreational practices, nor may it be circulated outside the limit of the party, department or jurisdiction of the domicile of residence. In order to carry out the departures and displacements provided for in this subsection, it will not be necessary to have authorization to circulate.
The restriction on night movement established in Article 18 of Decree No. 287/21 and extended by Article 21, paragraph 6, of the Same shall apply from EIGHTEEN (18) hours to SIX (6) hours the following day.

Only staff in the following categories will be able to use public transport during this weekend

Health personnel, security forces, armed forces, immigration activity, national weather service, firefighters and air traffic control.
Higher authorities of the National, Provincial, Municipal governments and the AUTONOMOUS CITY OF BUENOS AIRES; workers of the National, Provincial, Municipal and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Public Sector, summoned and summoned by the respective authorities.
Members of the Legislative Branch and the staffing provided by their respective authorities. Members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and the personnel of the Judicial Power of the Nation that the corresponding authorities have.
Foreign diplomatic and consular personnel accredited to the Argentine Government, within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and personnel of international organizations accredited to the Argentine Government, the Red Cross and White Helmets.
People who must assist others with disabilities, family members in need of assistance, the elderly, children or adolescents.
People who must attend to a situation of force majeure.
People affected by the performance of funeral services, burials and cremations.
People affected by the care of school canteens, community and picnic areas.
Personnel working in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.
Personnel affected by public works and safety tasks in demolitions.
Wholesale and retail supermarkets and local retail shops, food, personal hygiene and cleaning. pharmacies. Hardware stores. Veterinary. Provision of bottles.
Activities related to the value chain and inputs of the food industry; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of equipment medical, medicines, vaccines and other health supplies, in accordance with Article 3 of Administrative Decision No. 429/20.
Activities related to agricultural production, distribution and marketing and fishing.
Telecommunications, fixed and mobile internet activities; digital services and server maintenance activities.
Activities related to foreign trade.
Collection, transport and treatment of municipal, hazardous and pathogenic solid waste.
Maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) and emergency response.
Public passenger transport, transport of goods, oil, fuels and LPG.
Home delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning and other necessities.
Laundry services.
Postal and parcel distribution services.
Essential surveillance, cleaning and guarding services.
Minimum guards to ensure the operation and maintenance of Oil and Gas Fields, oil and gas treatment and/or refining plants, transport and distribution of electrical energy, liquid fuels, oil and gas, fuel dispensing stations and electric power generators.
Sociedad del Estado Casa de Moneda, ATM services, flow transport and all those activities that the CENTRAL BANK OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC authorizes. Banking activity with attention to the public, exclusively with shift system. The authorities of the National Securities Commission may authorize the activity of a minimum number of staff and that of its regulated if necessary.
Operation of Nuclear Power Plants. Hotels affected to the health emergency service. Airport operation. Operation of garages and parking lots with minimum endowments.
Registration, identification and documentation of persons, in accordance with Administrative Decision No. 450/20, Article 1, paragraph 8.
Professional home benefits for people with disabilities.
Establishments for the care of victims of gender violence. Medical and dental guards. Medical and dental care scheduled with a previous shift system. Clinical analysis laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers, with a previous shift system.
Transfer of children and adolescents for family ties, in accordance with Administrative Decision No. 703/20.
Personnel of the NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION (ANSES) under the terms of Administrative Decision No. 810/20, Article 2, paragraph 1. Customs personnel.
People who must attend to be vaccinated with their companion, if necessary.

All persons excepted under this article must carry the “Single Certificate of Authorization for Circulation – COVID-19 Emergency” that enables them to circulate and, where appropriate, to use public transport. OTHER EXCEPTIONS TO CIRCULATE, WITHOUT THE USE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Persons who perform the following activities and services, or are in the situations provided for in the following paragraphs, are exempt from the restrictions provided for in article 3, without authorization for the use of public passenger transport:
Industries that are carried out under continuous processes whose interruption implies structural damage to production lines and /or machinery.
Food retreat in nearby gastronomic places.
Production and distribution of biofuels.
Exploration, prospection, production, processing and marketing of nuclear fuel, under the terms of Administrative Decision No. 450/20.
Essential services of sanitization, maintenance, fumigation and integrated pest management.
Activities related to the production, distribution and marketing of forestry and mining. Activities related to mining environmental protection.
Workshops for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security forces and FFAA, vehicles affected by health benefits and personnel with authorization to circulate, in accordance with current regulations. Workshops for maintenance and repair of bicycles. Sales of spare parts, parts and parts for motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, only under the modality of door-to-door delivery.
Establishments that develop activities of collection of services and taxes.
People who must move to make trips abroad.
Sale of merchandise already prepared from retail stores through e-commerce platforms, telephone sales and other mechanisms that do not require personal contact with customers and only through the modality of home delivery or withdrawal. In no case pthey will open their doors to the public. All this in accordance with Administrative Decision No. 524/20.
Industries that produce for export.

The last DNU, announced by President Alberto Fernández on May 20, extended the restrictions in force until June 11. In between, he ordered strict confinement from May 22 to May 30, inclusive, which would be replicated days later, on June 5 and 6. With these intermittent closures, measures that could be repeated during the coming weeks, according to what they said from Casa Rosada, the government is seeking to reduce circulation and reduce the number of infections.
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