translated from Spanish: RSP candidates go out to vote in Guamúchil

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Analyzing each candidate very well and choosing the best, is the exhortation made by the candidates of Progressive Social Networks when they go to the polls to cast their vote in Guamúchil. When she went to the polling station, Aleida López García, candidate for Municipal President of Salvador Alvarado, comments that she feels very happy and grateful to all the citizens for so many signs of affection and support she has received towards her person and project.  
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The representative of RSP says that in this process, she has many expectations that she will do well since during the campaign she touched on issues of basic necessity such as the discharge of black water that falls into the river, the serious problem suffered by the citizens due to the lack of drainage, the case of the open-air dump that is in Tamazula and in the glass of the Eustaquio Buelna dam that generates so much damage to the environment and people’s health. 

“I feel very happy and grateful, through the videos we share on social networks and media people could see that I have all the willingness to work to solve the problems that most affect them that are of first necessity, that’s why I decided to participate and that’s why I asked them for an opportunity” , he said, “now everything is in the hands of each person.” For his part, Sandro Navarro Montoya, candidate for Federal Deputy for the third district, asked all citizens to go to the polls to exercise their right to vote and thus overcome abstentionism. “The long-awaited day has come and I just want to remind all the people that we no longer have time to waste time, we have to make things happen, we have to keep in mind the well-being of our children because that is what is at stake in this election,” he said. Read more: Elections 2021: Day passes without conflicts reports CME of AngosturaAlonso Higuera Lopez candidate for Local Deputy said that the future of Sinaloan society is at stake in this contest, therefore, he pointed out that it is imperative to reason the vote very well, analyze the resume of each candidate and choose the best. “Voting is a right that we all have and it is also a civic duty, that is why I ask all citizens not to stay at home to go out and vote, to analyze well those of us who are participating and decide for the best.” 

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Original source in Spanish

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