translated from Spanish: Aislinn Derbez had a road accident in Switzerland in the middle of a forest

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Switzerland. – The actress shared on her social media some of her best moments she spends in Switzerland, but when they were on their way back to the hotel she had an accident when one of the tires of the vehicle in which she was traveling exploded.
He indicated that a tire had been struck and they did not have a spare one, but they did have a machine that supposedly could solve the problem, but it was not. After making several calls in the middle of nowhere and without a Wi-Fi signal, the actress indicated that they could ask for help.
After staying in the middle of a dangerous road in the middle of the forest for more than two hours, they called a crane that took the car to the next place where they were put to safety and there were no incidents to regret.
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Rumors of a new romance between Aislinn Derbez and influencer Jonathan Kubben increased, as the actress reportedly traveled to Switzerland to meet him and spend time together after making the series “Traveling with the Derbez”, in which she lives adventures with her family.

But, in the series Eugenio Derbez points out that all his children are soleros, although so far it is not ruled out that the actress has a relationship with the influencer and has not given statements about it.
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