translated from Spanish: CABA evaluates that the last years of high school resume the presence

These are key days to determine how Argentina is progressing in pandemic matters, which implies action and decision-making in different areas. One of them is education, which has been the subject of friction in the last month. In this sense, while several districts plan to bring forward the winter holidays to buy time with the vaccination campaign, Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, raised the possibility that students from third to sixth grade of high school will return to the classrooms. In turn, in a dialogue with Radio La Red, he assured that, as long as the sanitary and epidemiological conditions are in place, the classes at the primary level will be maintained in face-to-face mode.

The minister’s intentions are that the students of the last four years of secondary school, who study their subjects 100% virtual, can join the bimodality of first and second year, that is, interspersing between remote and face-to-face classes. Regarding the advance and extension of the winter break, the City is also evaluating this possibility, which according to the schedule, was to start on July 16 and end on August 1. According to Acuña, the decision will be made this week.” If we extend them one more week, the idea is to change the holidays to the first half of July and include the institutional days, which is when the teachers go to school but the children do not. But we are still analyzing it,” the official explained.
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