translated from Spanish: Man’s body shot found in a lemon orchard in Buenavista

Buenavista, Michoacan .- The lifeless body of a man who was shot was found in a lemon orchard in the terracalent municipality of Buenavista.
Data obtained by this media outlet indicate that people who found the body called the emergency telephone number 911 and later public security elements attended, who confirmed the discovery of the deceased in a property in the vicinity of the Buenavista – Tepacalcatepec highway, and secured the scene.
Elements of the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit (USPEC) assigned to the Apatzingan Regional Prosecutor’s Office searched the site for evidence.
About the victim it was detailed that it is a male person in the capacity of unknown who at first sight were observed gunshots at the height of the nape of the neck and was wearing a purple long-sleeved shirt, blue canvas pants, and brown work boots.
It was also said that the unfortunate measured approximately 1.75 meters in height, was of brown complexion, short black hair, wide nose, thin lips and populated eyebrow.
The now deceased was taken to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service for the practice of postmortem surgery that marks the law and waiting for a family member to come to identify him.

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