translated from Spanish: Sepyc staff demand health care due to Covid-19 outbreak

Sinaloa.- Faced with an outbreak of 20 cases of covid-19 that was recorded in a week, staff working in the Secretariat of Public Education and Culture (Sepyc) is concerned and asks for greater security with health and work strategies. Abigail del Campo, one of the secretariat’s workers, expressed her dissatisfaction accompanied by other employees of this unit at the Facilities of the Ministry of Education in Culiacan. He explained that it was last Monday when the staff joined the face-to-face activities, and as a result these cases of the virus were already registered, of which one person already had to be hospitalized.
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“The concern is that in a week and a day, there are already 20 cases; we reported it to the authority, we asked that we return to the staggered guards so that the contagion would stop a little bit. The truth is we are worried because many of us have already been through this covid-19 situation, both personally and with family members, many of us have spent a lot on this health issue and we do not want to go through the same thing.” Read more: 569 children have died from Covid-19 in Mexico since the start of the pandemic
The workers mentioned that although they are already vaccinated they believe that there was not as much effectiveness with the vaccine because there have already been delicate cases that are on oxygen, some at home for fear of going to the Issste, but one is serious in the hospital.

The SEPyC staff called on the Secretary of Education to address this issue, as there is a fear that more cases may be filed due to the fact that attention is currently being given to the public that comes to carry out some procedure.

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