translated from Spanish: Barbara de Regil hurt by nutritionist who offends her

Barbara de Regil, 34, broke the silence on social media and makes it more than clear that she feels very hurt by the attacks she has received against her. It all started when nutritionist Aries Terrón pointed out that Barbara de Regil’s protein wasn’t quite good, so several users went over the actress, so she defended herself.
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“I feel an emotional imbalance and accept that it already affected my happiness especially today, with the alleged threat to a nutritionist that I do not have the pleasure of knowing, but his reasons will have to defame me as he does. Read more: 1989 (Taylor’s Version) more than close, say Taylor Swift fansQuerido Aries do not know you, but obviously I found out about you a year ago from the attacks and reviews you made of my person and protein the messages we exchanged since then that you already said, were threats, barbara de Regil said in a video.

This post of the actress was released in the early hours of the morning and the famous hesitated to upload the video.
Bárbara de Regil made it more than clear that far from facing Aries Terrón she left the best in the world, because she does not want more controversy. Read more: The attraction that existed between Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Burrola being with Aislinn Derbez Although the celebrity feels very bad because those who receive threats of all kinds is her family, which has caused a lot of fear to the artist.

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Original source in Spanish

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