translated from Spanish: For “educational stimulus” Schiavi could ask for parole in November

Juan Pablo Schiavi, former secretary of transportation convicted in the context of the Tragedy of Eleven, was authorized to request parole from november 24 for the benefit of the “educational stimulus.” Schiavi is sentenced to five years and six months in prison and has been detained since October 5, 2018.
The Federal Oral Court 2 in charge of the execution of the sentence ruled that “the temporary requirement for the benefit of the parole of Juan Pablo Schiavi will operate from November 24, 2021,” reported Telam.” The courses taken by the convicted person carry a total hourly load of 2,563 clock hours,” before which “he will correspond proportionally to a reduction of 192 days for the Penal Progressivity Regime to pass,” the resolution stated. Schiavi’s sentence has an expiration date of April 4, 2024, but as stated, from November he will be able to apply for parole.
Schiavi was convicted as “a necessary participant in the crime of fraudulent administration to the detriment of the public administration, in real competition with the crime of aggravated culpable havoc for having caused the death of 52 people and injuries to 789 people.” Some of the courses he took were “Transcendent Leadership: Broadening the Perspective of Success”; “My own garden”, “Hydroponic cultivation at home”, among others.

María Luján Rey, mother of Lucas Menghini Rey and deputy for Juntos por el Cambio, repudiated the judicial decision and said that “it generates impotence, anger.” We repudiate this decision, we understand that the law allows that, but today the truth should be rethought,” he said.

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