translated from Spanish: After the scandal with his adviser, the British Health Minister resigned

British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced his resignation for not respecting health rules after photos leaked in which he kissed a counselor, who is not his wife, which generated a stir across the UK.After the publication of the photos, Hancock had been questioned with intensity. After harsh accusations for his handling of the pandemic, he was now the subject of a scandal for breaking coronavirus rules while having an affair with an adviser, according to 
Through his Twitter account he announced the news with a video in which he says: “Those of us who make the rules must abide by them, and that is why I must resign.”
“We have to be honest with the people who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic, when we disappoint them as I have by breaking the slogans,” Hancock wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.The Sun newspaper had published images of the minister, married with three children, kissing Gina Coladangelo, also married, in his Westminster office. , at a time when hugs were banned in England due to sanitary restrictions.” I admit to violating distance directives in those circumstances,” Hancock said. “I disappointed people and I’m very sorry.”

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