translated from Spanish: Minsal reports 4,075 new infections and 156 deaths

In monday’s report the Minsal delivered the updated data regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, indicating that at the national level there has been a drop in cases of 27% to 7 days and 30% to 14 days, being the lowest figure for a day Monday since february 22 last , but the death toll has remained high, with 156 cases in the last day, bringing the total number of deaths to 32,454. Regarding the critical beds, 4,494 are currently enabled, of which 4,228 are occupied, equivalent to 94%. Of this total, 3,050 are used for severe covid cases in ICU, and there are 266 beds available in the national integrated network. On average, 172 patients are admitted to an ICU daily. 73% of them do not have their full vaccination. It was also indicated that of the 69,191 tests performed, 4,075 were positive, representing a 5.66% positivity for the PCR technique. Thus, there are already 1,551,137 total infections and 27,847 currently active patients. In the instance, Health Minister Enrique Paris stressed that no region is increasing its cases, and in contrast magellan, Aysen, O’Higgins, and Coquimbo are the ones leading the decline.

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