translated from Spanish: Parents of children with cancer denounce López-Gatell before FGR for genocide

Mexico.- Parents of children with cancer reported to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, for genocide, discrimination and omission in the supply of cancer drugs. It was the lawyer of the complaining relatives, Andrea Rocha Ramirez, who said in an interview with the media that they raised the complaint motivated by the words spoken in recent days by the health official. The litigant explained that according to her consideration, the crime of genocide is in process because of Lopez-Gatell’s inaction in the face of the lack of medication for minors with cancer. Read more: INAI orders Cofepris to release current regulations for the use of marijuanaIn addition to the possible crime of discrimination, Rocha Ramirez said that the Undersecretary could be tried for the crime of commission by omission, because his professional work requires him to contract guarantee the health of Mexicans. On the words offered by the official on the program Chamuco TV, where he said that the issue of children with cancer is increasingly “positioned as part of a campaign, beyond the country, of international right-wing groups … with an almost coup-like vision,” the lawyer said they are in bad faith. He acts with malpractice and bad faith by declaring that the parents are coup plotters,” he said. Read more: USA hands over FGR to governor Cabeza de Vaca’s alleged money laundererWhen this is the sixth lawsuit filed with the FGR for lack of medication from sick children, it is the first that particularly accuses the official in charge of disseminating information about the pandemic in Mexico.
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