translated from Spanish: Héctor Llaitul: “Everything shows that those shots were at close range and we can assume that (Pablo Marchant) was executed”

Today was held the Eluwun – a Mapuche farewell ceremony for those who die – of the weichafe Pablo Marchant, member of the CAM, who died after being shot by carabineros in clashes in Carahue, on a property of the mininco forest, claimed by Mapuche communities.
In this context, CAM leader Hector Llaitul, in an interview with Radio Universidad de Chile, said that they preliminarily maintain that Pablo Marchant was executed, due to gunshots to the head, at close range, according to the same statement by the Carabineros, which ciper Chile states.
“The facts are very painful for the Mapuche people. We have a brother murdered and apparently under a situation that is very harsh, which can even be interpreted as horror, by the way. We say in a preliminary way that he was executed and we have to approach this situation with a lot of respect because there is a family behind it,” Llaitul added.
The CAM leader defended the actions of territorial claim, and referred to Marchant as “a new martyr of the Mapuche nation.” In his view, they correspond to historical and just claims. “An action of resistance does not have a sense of terrorism or violence, as the political class in defense of capital that thinks there is terrorism or excessive violence speaks unscrupulously. Here there are actions that were peaceful and legal and that were never heard, were never attended to, and therefore the actions of resistance to defend the territory and the Mapuche world will be developed by our people,” he said.
He also pointed to the existence of a militarized police force and an unequal struggle with communities. He charged that the police “blatantly lie” – citing the Hurricane Case – and while he acknowledged that they do not have complete information of what happened, he stressed that there are always two versions of the events. Along these lines, he emphasized that they do not believe in the investigation that state agents can do.
Llaitul also reiterated his criticism of the handling of the Carabineros and the Prosecutor General’s Office about the first reports that his son, Ernesto Llaitul, was killed. “I do not understand, I cannot understand how the Carabineros, the intelligence of the pacos, the Prosecutor General’s Office lent itself to such a horror maneuver to report that he was a son of mine. I cannot understand that situation, what they intended to do with it, if it sent a signal from the Intelligence, if it was a distracting maneuver for something, I cannot understand it, or perhaps a type of disability that can be understood as negligence or stupidity,” he said.
Asked if he saw any intention in his son being the deceased, in the face of these versions, he maintained that they do not know, but that they can draw deductions. “Somehow they were there in a position of victory, of triumph, of having killed someone important I imagine, that situation obnubiló them, thinking that they had here, I do not know an achievement that gets into their heads or someone gets into their heads, their bosses, their bosses, who put that in their heads , that certain leaders must be killed by certain prominent people,” Llaitul said.

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