translated from Spanish: Yasmin Valdés talks about her relationship with Felipe Camiroaga

The reality tv star Yasmín Valdés revealed that she was for more than six months in a relationship with the animator Felipe Camiroaga, who died in September 2011.In the program «Me Late», the animators talked about the millionaire compensation that the Court of Appeals ordered for the relatives of the victims of the accident of the Casa 212 in Juan Fernández , among which is the animator Felipe Camiroaga. In that context, the actress revealed that she had the opportunity to work with the communicator from the beginning of her career. «I started on television with him, actually,» he said. After being asked about what they had, Valdes said it was «an attempt at a relationship, but the truth didn’t work,» stating that it lasted between six and eight months. «What happens is that it was just at the time before the Bascuñán Peace, which was when Felipe had to travel for his mother, who was sick in Spain,» he explained. I believe that all the women of Chile love him, he is like the perfect prototype of a man, but we also all know that he was not a man to marry, to have a family as a traditional, «he added.» One also knows that he was a super special person, that he does not like his relationships to be public, so until no one formalizes you, one is not given as formalized. Notified,» the reality tv star said. On Tuesday, the Court of Appeals of Valparaiso ordered the treasury to pay millions in compensation to the families of the victims of the plane crash of Juan Fernández, months before the ten-year anniversary of the tragedy. Among them, Camiroaga’s father would receive $150 million. During this week, María José Campos, known as «la porotito verde», said on chilevisión’s program «Podemos Hablar» that whoever was the face of TVN had tried to approach her, being rejected. «We looked at each other and it was fun. We went to the movies a couple of times and he already knew, maybe he couldn’t believe this brat was telling him no. It was a charm yes, but nothing happened,» he said.

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