Government accepts resignation of director of Injuv del Biobío, Gustavo Apablaza: has a complaint from VIF against him

The Government of President Gabriel Boric confirmed on Saturday that it accepted the resignation – previously requested – to the then director of the regional of the National Youth Institute (Injuv) of Biobío, Gustavo Apablaza, after registering a complaint for domestic violence (VIF).
Specifically, it is a complaint filed in the Court of Letters and Guarantee of Bulnes, for an event that occurred on December 11 in a walk in the commune of Quillón, where Apablaza was with his wife and eight-year-old son.
According to Radio Bio Bío, Apablaza had an argument with his wife inside a vehicle, where he then proceeds to forcibly lower the victim by pushing her with the car running. The affected woman was left with minor injuries, which she found in Carabineros.
The court decreed the precautionary measure of prohibiting the accused from approaching the complainant at her home, place of work or public road for 90 days.
First Measures of the Government
Until today, when the resignation was known, the seremi of Social Development, Hedson Díaz, said in the same medium that Apablaza was separated from his duties while an ongoing investigation is carried out. On the other hand, the Seremi of Women and Gender Equality, Lorena Segura, indicated that this type of action will not be tolerated.
The accused assumed his position -regional director Injuv Biobío- in October 2018, where one of his tasks was to promote the prevention of gender violence.

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