translated from Spanish: After Carmen Barbieri’s remarks about her contagion: what did Sol Pérez say?

Sol Pérez responded to Carmen Barbieri’s statements. It turns out that the artist and theatrical producer contracted corovarius at the beginning of the year and her state of health worsened markedly to the point of putting her life at risk. This week, sitting in the living room of Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM), she was asked if it was in that contact with the host and influencer at the Days of MasterChef Celebrity 2 that she became infected, to which she replied ironically: “I did not say that it was Sol Pérez. I was dying and she got angry with me. It is barbaric! You saw that it’s the other way around, that I should get angry but nobody has to do it, you get infected. I got infected from the air.”

This Tuesday, Perez on a mobile with the same program took up the statements of the capocómica and replied: “It sounds horrible”; although he lowered the tone to the controversy pronounced by the medium.

“At no point did I get angry with Carmen. For me it is a problem of information, he got the information wrong clearly. I never got angry with Carmen, I didn’t have to,” he said and told how the process of finding out about his positive was.” I crossed Carmen after her internment and never noticed her change. Yesterday when this came to me I sent him a little message. I was surprised, it hurt me and I told him that I’m sorry he thought I was angry because it never was. But he never answered me yet. I think at some point he’s going to answer me. But I really never accused Carmen of anything. What’s more, I sent him messages at the internment, because I wanted to know how he was doing. I love her,” he closed.
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