translated from Spanish: Luis Novaresio opened his program in a special way: “I want to formally introduce you to my husband”

Every Sunday Luis Novaresio invites to “his house” several personalities with whom he carries out his program “Debo decir”. However, this last broadcast became one of the most spaced for the journalist as he had a luxury guest, her husband Braulio Bauab.” I would like to introduce you, formally, to my husband, Mr Braulio Bauab. We’re already going through the third night of marriage, and I swear I forgot to bring the notebook.” Days after they were married and after the ceremony they performed via zoom, since Bauab’s relatives live abroad. The real estate entrepreneur participated in the Cycle of America along with Luis Brandoni, Graciela Alfano, Julieta Puente -journalist and runner- and Leandro Santoro -presidential advisor and there, in front of those present they revealed intimacies of the couple. The couple commented that they have rings with dedicated inscriptions, and that Bauab’s says “callate Benedetti”. When explaining the origin of that phrase, the driver detailed: “I wrote him every morning a love letter, and one day I think I wrote him something half berreta, and he says to me: “Che, this is about sugar envelope”, and I say: “Shut up Benedetti”. In the final stretch of that first segment of I Must Say, Novaresio invited to toast and reconcile with someone. At the time, Braulio confessed: “I would reconcile with my old man, who died when I was very young. Maybe because of his generation, he was a little bit against this whole gay thing, and it cost me. But I think I’d be very happy that I’m with you and that we love each other. I would like to reconcile with him,” he said.

And Luis did not hesitate to recount his own experience, including his fears of the past. “I’m very happy that you’re here. I always said, ‘I don’t plan to tell you I’m gay,’ ‘I don’t plan to get married in my life’… But when you find that reality is much stronger than your stupidity as a prejudice, and that reality has the generosity to give you a guy like him. I wish they knew him!” he remarked, noting Bauab’s dedication as a father and partner. 

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