translated from Spanish: Felipe Gutiérrez: “We have the arguments to face any of the rivals”

Felipe Gutiérrez, midfielder of Universidad Católica, referred to the good present of the team in the National Championship, where they are leaders, and the objectives for the rest of the season. In a press conference, Gutierrez addressed the win against O’Higgins, stating that the result “is a little more than what we had been doing, with the only difference that the ball went in, we made an important difference in the result and that leaves you calm, because I think we were on the right track.” With regard to the local tournament, the midfielder said that “every game since the beginning of the season has been the same way. We have challenges and objectives that we set ourselves since the beginning of the year.” Today we have one of the most important championships for us, so we are going to go with everything and we know that every game is going to be life or death, because the opponents face us differently. But we have the peace of mind that we have the arguments to face any of the rivals,” he added. On the other hand, he maintained that this is “a complex week, it is three matches in seven days and it is difficult. However, we know that’s what we work for, that’s what the physical part is for.” We have had a complex start to the season, with many games and we know what is ahead of us. We are working in a very good way and that gives you the peace of mind that we are doing things well and we can face the matches in a good way,” he said. It should be remembered that Universidad Católica will visit Deportes Antofagasta on Thursday and then again be an outsider on Sunday, this time in the classic against Universidad de Chile.

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