translated from Spanish: Pre-trial detention ordered for a man accused of beating to death a dog

This Wednesday the Justice of Tucumán issued what is called an exemplary ruling for a 23-year-old accused of beating to death a dog on June 8. The incident occurred about a month ago, in the town of Ingenio Lastenia near the police station, a passerby found the young man identified as “Chamy” causing all kinds of mistreatment of a dog. The witness filmed it and then uploaded those images to social media, which later led to a police complaint against the defendant. After the assault, the dog was taken to a veterinary center, where he later died due to the severity of the injuries he suffered. Today after a hearing, prosecutor Carlos Picón said: “This is the first resolution of this nature and marks a before and after that shows that we no longer want victims of this type of aberrant events” and added: “It was time to say enough is enough and in this way a milestone has been marked within our jurisprudence.” For his part, prosecutor Marcelo Leguizamón of the Complex Crimes Prosecutor’s Unit, said: “We are facing a historical precedent for Tucumán and possibly for Argentina on the issue of animal abuse. This has given a clear message about how we should proceed as a society in the face of this kind of violence that should not be tolerated.” Likewise, the representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested 15 days of pretrial detention for the accused while the investigation progresses, considering the procedural dangers of flight risk and of hindering the investigation to which Judge Ballestero gave rise.

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