translated from Spanish: calendar and modules for the registration of pension of older adults

From August 9 to September 5, residents of Mexico City who are over 65 years old will be able to register for the Pension for the Welfare of The Elderly program.
We give you the information of the dates of the registration depending on the initial of the surname and where the modules will be located in the different mayor’s offices.
Ariadna Montiel, undersecretary of Welfare, explained that in this first stage the documentation will be received and in a month or month and a half of the procedure will be summoned again to the same point where the registration was made to deliver the card.

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Older adults who cannot attend or travel to the modules can send a family member (auxiliary person) with the documentation requested. Once the papers are reviewed, government staff will arrange a home visit.
Those who have already registered, filled out the form and submitted documents should not go back to the modules. Once the information has been processed, Welfare staff will call them on the phone to indicate that their processing is in process, and then, the date on which they can collect your card.

If it is detected that any document is missing or any doubt arises with the papers delivered, it will be notified so that they go back to the attention module.
Ariadna Montiel explained that the first deposits will be made in November. The elderly will receive 6,200 pesos in their first deposit, corresponding to two bimestres (September-October and November-December).
To carry out the procedure, the following documents are required:
-Official identification (voter’s credential, passport, card, professional card, Inapam credential or identity card).
-Legible birth certificate.
-Proof of address not more than six months (telephone, electricity, has, water or property).
-Contact telephone number to follow up on your procedure.
Registration will be made according to the initial of the first surname from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 pm.
The elderly have four dates to attend and the delays will be taken care of at the end of the massive strategy.
That is, if you have to go on a Monday and have a medical appointment, for example, you can go any other Monday (until September 5).
Here’s the schedule:

Locate your module 
These are the modules located in each mayor’s office to deliver the documentation.

If you have any questions, you can go to the ‘Locate your Module’ page, or call the Wellness line, 800-639-42-64.
It is expected to enroll a total of 225,479 people in the capital of the country; the largest number of estimated beneficiaries live in the mayor’s offices of Iztapalapa and Gustavo A. Madero.
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