translated from Spanish: Human Rights Commission approved “political vote” for Jorge Arancibia not to participate in its hearings

During this Friday the Commission of DD.HH., Historical Truth and Bases for Justice, Integral Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Repetition of the Constitutional Convention approved a “political vote” that seeks that in the hearings that the instance carries out does not participate the conventional of Vamos por Chile, Jorge Arancibia.La initiative was approved by 10 votes in favor (of the sponsors and of Manuela Royo), two against (Ruth Hurtado and Margarita Letelier) and three abstentions (Roberto Celedón, Felipe Harboe and Pedro Muñoz). It should be remembered that the proposal was dated by the conventional Carolina Videla, Giovanna Roa, María Magdalena Rivera, Juan José Martin, Ivanna Olivares Constanza San Juan, Mario Vargas, Adolfo Millabur and Manuel Woldarsky.The grounds for promoting this initiative was that “we consider that the participation of the conventional Arancibia in the Commission seriously threatens the fulfillment of the objectives of our work. Their presence is a highly violent act, which revictimizes and retraumatizes the thousands of victims and their families, and the survivors of Chile’s state terrorism perpetrated during the dictatorship between 1973 and 1990?.” Between 1980 and 1982, the Conventional Arancibia was naval Aide-de-france of dictator Augusto Pinochet. From 1973 to date, the Convention has repeatedly endorsed and publicly celebrated the civic-military coup d’état and has denied the systematic human rights violations committed during that period (…) Considering that both the Convention and this Commission have expressly stated that during this constituent process there is no room for denialism and considering the rules of operation that have been approved in this same Commission, we responsibly declare unacceptable the continuity of the participation of the Conventional Arancibia in this space since it contravenes the rules that we and we ourselves have agreed”, Supplemented. Along these lines, they also clarified that “we do not intend to nullify their fully democratic election and therefore their right to be part of this Convention. However, as Constituent Conventions we have the duty to protect the principles and values that should guide our work, especially in the face of the task of laying the foundations for guaranteeing human rights for a new Chile.” By virtue of the guarantee of a space free of violence and revictimization for the holding of the public hearings of the Commission, these will be held without the presence of the Conventional Arancibia given its history of denial of the violation of human rights and its collaboration with the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, “they said in the framework of what the commission saw.

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