translated from Spanish: Former candidate Keiko Fujimori recognizes Castillo as president of Peru

Keiko Fujimori, who was a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Peru, finally recognized Pedro Castillo as president on Monday. This recognition comes after Keiko Fujimori considered Castillo’s proclamation as president illegitimate and filed more than a thousand appeals in which fraud was reported without reliable evidence.  Fujimori, a former popular force candidate, said he hopes Castillo will listen to the feelings of the large majorities and have a good term for the next five years. Fuerza Popular, the party that championed the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, has the strength in Congress and said it is willing to meet with Castillo, who has been president of Peru since June 28. “I do not deny this possibility. Whenever a president of the Republic has asked me to talk, I have always attended,” he said. Keiko’s recognition comes nearly a month after Castillo seized power in Peru. According to official counts, Castillo won 50.12 percent of the vote, a narrow victory by just 44,263 votes ahead of Fujimori.In recent weeks, citizens opposed to Castillo’s government have called for demonstrations in the streets of Lima and other cities in the country to insist on the president’s vacancy and show their rejection of his questioned cabinet of ministers. that on August 26 he will go to Congress to request the vote of confidence. In an interview with RPP, Fujimori acknowledged that he stopped participating in these most recent citizen marches, although he welcomed the “political activism,” which he considers “fundamental” at this time that the country is going through.” It is essential that our citizens are very vigilant, especially as we see that there is an intention to maintain their radical plan (…). There are still many alerts that worry us that they want to turn our country into Cuba or Venezuela,” the former candidate said. Read more: Armed gangs in Haiti accept truce; allow delivery of humanitarian aid after earthquake Video of U.S. soldier gives water to Afghan children

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