translated from Spanish: Video. Thus they put out the fire in Pemex’s Ku-Alfa platform

Campeche.- After the expression recorded this Sunday in the Ku-Alfa platform of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), located in the Sonda de Campeche, a video was released showing the work to control the fire. In the images that were released on social media, it is perceived that the video was recorded from a helicopter that flew over near the oil platform. In it he reached to observe the fumaroles of smoke emanating from the flames dissipated by the workers. You can also see how liters of water are used to completely put out the fire on the E-Ku-A2 platform, the most important production asset that Mexico has.In another video circulating on social networks you can see the same scene, but from a frontal angle. In this it is noticeable how large amounts of water are poured over the flames that arose in a scepter of distribution of gas and crude oil. Around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, the state oil company reported that the fire was brought under control and an investigation was launched to find its causes. So far it is known that five people were injured during the fire. They were transferred to the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. However, the parastatal did not report any deaths from the accident. Read more: Video: Pemex’s Ku-Alfa platform explodes in Campeche, 6 reportedly injuredIt just mentioned that this is the second incident on this oil rig in a little over a month. Some specialists of the firm Caraiva y Asociados-León & Pech Architects, Ramses Peche affirm that this fact can affect the operations of Ku-Maloob-Zaap.

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