translated from Spanish: Strong wind causes falling trees on the road Los Mochis

Ahome, Sinaloa.- Falling trees on the los Mochis-El Fuerte highway, in the towns of Campo Esperanza, Mochicahui and Charay were recorded by the strong wind gusts in the region. The coordinator of Civil Protection in the northern zone, Omar Mendoza Silva, highlighted that currently the volunteer groups of that area are participating in support of the municipal authorities to remove the obstacles of the state rúa.He reported that there were also minimal rains, until 23:00 hours of 28 millimeters and at the moment moderate rain begins in the municipal capital with gusts of winds and electrical activity. While, in the municipal capital, the rainfall and the intensity of the video caused cuts in the electricity service. Read more: Strong wind and rain surprises Mochitenses; report electrical failuresVecinos of various localities reported failures in the service, because for some hours the supply was interrupted, while, in the town of Valle Cañaveral after the service was restored, it has presented failures, since it has been reported that the spotlights have been blinking due to the ups and downs in power. So they found the baby that was stolen from the Zoquipan Hospital, in Zapopan, Jalisco

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