translated from Spanish: CFE restores service almost 100% in Mexico

The Federal Electricity Commission announced that 99.73 percent of the people affected by the passage of the meteorological phenomenon “Nora” in five states of the Mexican Republic already have service. This was reported by CFE through a press release in which it initially detailed that a total of 394,741 users from Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa were interrupted in the supply.The people affected by “Nora” represent only 5 percent of the total customers of the state company in the aforementioned entities, even so, the necessary protocols were activated to restore normalcy to all. For this, 2,194 electrical workers, 312 cranes, 1,126 vehicles, 176 emergency power plants and 3 helicopters were assigned to be able to supply people with energy even in the most remote sectors. CFE’s work will continue until 100 percent of those affected in the aforementioned states return to the service that allows them to have electricity and connect electronic products. Below is the total number of people who had been left without power by state and the percentage of recovery: Read more: Conagua validates emergency declaration in Sinaloa by “Nora”: Quirino Ordaz 15,920 affected users in Michoacán; 96.1% power reset.  71,874 affected users in Colima; it has been restored to normal. 89,918 affected users in Jalisco; 99.5% power reset. 137,058 users affected in Nayarit, 79,971 affected users have been restored to normal in Sinaloa, 99.9% of electrical restoration. Rescue of puppy trapped by landslide in Xochimilco, CDMX

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