translated from Spanish: “TVN has a grill colder than the crest!”: Pamela Díaz commented on the end of her program on the public channel

During the TV+ program, “Me Late Prime”, Pamela Díaz talked about the end of her program “Mochileros” on TVN, which she made with her boyfriend, Jean Philippe Cretton.The program of the public channel barely has four episodes broadcast, space that they give on Saturdays in the stellar strip. “How did you do Pamela? This week you did not go to record for Backpackers, so the backpack was left without funds,” asked Daniel Fuenzalida.To which “La Fiera” maintained that “this weekend Jean Philippe and I come out in Backpackers and the recordings were finished. Put me sad music” in that line, the panelists asked him “But the program is over?” and expressed “you left so excited” and Díaz said that “I think TVN does not know how to value me.” Today I said goodbye to TVN, but to no one, because there was no one. I couldn’t say goodbye to anyone. I don’t know the executives, I don’t know anybody. There was no one. I got lost. I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of that channel, and I talked to the faces of that channel, that there are very few, less and less, and they told me the same thing,” he said. In that line, the panelists continued to comment on their program to which Pamela Díaz expressed that “Apart from that this question is very simple! I’ve already warmed up. TVN has a warm grill, colder than the crest! So what do they want?! That I got ten, fifteen points?! I can’t, TVN executives, understand! What do you think I am?!” After this, they criticized the edition of the program, where “La Fiera” maintained that “it is edited in a way that I do not understand.” Last Saturday the program “Backpackers” was third after scoring 6.7 rating points.

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