translated from Spanish: They sue Ocesa and Banxico

GUADALUPE PHILLIPS FILED a lawsuit on September 9 against Ocesa and against whoever is responsible in the Bank of Mexico (Banxico). The granddaughter of Dolores Olmedo, the collector of the work of Diego Rivero and Frida Kahlo, initiated legal actions for the exhibition of the replicas of some paintings of the second in the Frontón México.For weeks the dispute was discussed amicably having as arbitrator the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), directed by Alfredo Rendón.But it has already escalated to another level. The director of ICA decided to open fire on Alejandro Soberón’s entertainment company and on the institute that governs Alejandro Díaz de León for being unduly profiting. The tip of the iceberg is the show “Frida, the Immersive Experience” that is presented at the Frontón México. From there he would begin a count of irregular agreements that entail an undue profit. And it is that so far Banxico has not accredited having the will in which Diego Rivera empowers the institution to exploit the rights of the work of the Mexican painter and who was his wife. The legal director, Luis Urrutia, has practically the rest of the month to prove that he has the power to grant contracts for the exploitation of Frida’s work, as long as he presents the will. The financial expert, on behalf of the Phillips Olmedo family, assures that at least two of the works that are exhibited in the Frontón Mexico are not part of the trust of the Bank of Mexico.Ocesa has a contract granted by the Banxico trust, but it needs Rivera’s will to give legal weight to the vehicle, and the document does not appear anywhere. If it is not presented to the competent authorities, the Bank of Mexico could face responsibilities for the management of frida Kahlo’s legacy.At the end of the fifties Diego Rivera ceded the copyright of his 149 works and the 29 of his wife, Frida, to a trust that would take the Dolores Olmedo Museum.VAYA REVIRE YESTERDAY that of Javier Lomelín and his Fibra HD team. The fusion with Gustavo Tomé’s Fibra Plus is getting good. He barely told him that the latter came out with his purchase offer by putting an exchange factor that the counterparty rejected because it was not fair and went out of the market parameters. VACE Partners, led by Carlos Vara and Ricardo Cervera, reached the above conclusion as bankers of Lomelín. Yesterday he blocked Tomé’s offer after the technical committee of Fibra HD agreed to modify the contract subject to the exchange factor being handled in a range of 1.89 to 2.33 titles and not from 2.60 to 2.62. It is sought at all costs to avoid a take over of Fibra Plus.THE GOVERNMENT OF THE State of Mexico, commanded by Alfredo del Mazo Maza, today receives offers for the Chalco-Santa Martha trolleybus. It is a work that will cost about three billion pesos and for which nine companies have already raised their hands. Aim for ICA by Guadalupe Phillips, HYCSA by Alejandro Calzada, La Peninsular by Carlos Hank Rhon, Alfa by José Abed, Mota-Engil by José Miguel Bejos, General Contractor of Latin America by Hilario Orozco, Jaguar by Moisés Zecua, GAMI by Manuel Muñozcano and VISE by Santiago Villanueva. Del Mazo and his Secretary of Mobility, Luis Gilberto Limón, gave practically no time to structure the offers. All asked for an extension, except GAMI and VISE. DIAVAZ, THE COMPANY led by Luis Vázquez Sentíes, is another Pemex contractor that also continues to believe in the projects of agronomist Octavio Romero. The company has just won a nine billion pesos contract. Right now it is raising capital to support it. The service provider asked the bank for a bridge loan of 50 million dollars payable over the next three years. Nacional Financiera, directed by Juan Pablo de Botón, was asked for 30 million, and the rest is being requested from Santander, by Héctor Grisi, and Banco del Bajío, by Salvador Oñate.OTHERS WHO ARE looking for capitalization, in this case 30 million pesos, are those of Libertad Servicios Financieros, chaired by Silvia Lavalle. The National Banking and Securities Commission, led by Juan Pablo Graf, made them a new location to strengthen their capital structure. The intermediary does not recover from the political coup that meant the arrest and imprisonment of its president, Juan Collado. Everything seems to indicate that Libertad will seek to get out of its insolvency circumstance by its own jurisdictions. Not long ago I told him that Julia Collado took control. This rules out the sale at least in the short term of the company. SINCE LAST YEAR the SAT of Raquel Buenrostro, the UIF of Santiago Nieto and the Prosecutor’s Office of Carlos Romero were following in the footsteps of Alvarez Puga and Associates. The viernIt is known of the arrest warrant that was issued against Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga. The businessman is considered one of the largest billers in the country. For months he had been negotiating a reparation agreement with the now former Legal Counsel of the Presidency, Julio Scherer. Guillermo Barradas was put as a lawyer, the same one who appears in the cases of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, the Jenkins Foundation and Oro Negro.BRAINTIVITY IS CLOSING a business agreement that will exponentially boost the tourism promotion engine Visitmé We are talking about a digital content alliance with the influential HBO, the American subscription television network that belongs to the entertaining conglomerate WarnerMedia, chaired by Jason Kilar. With this agreement, Braintivity, headed by Marcos Achar and directed by Carlos González, will maximize Mexico’s presence as a final tourist destination in North America.

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