New IMSS hospitals represent an investment of almost $1.9 billion pesos: Bedolla

Morelia, Michoacán.- Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, reported that the new hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which are about to begin construction in Uruapan, Maruata and Arantepacua, represent a federal investment of almost one thousand 900 million pesos, as reported in a statement
He explained that, in recent days, the delegate of the IMSS in Michoacán, Miguel Ángel Van-Dick Puga, signed the deed of donation of the property acquired by the Government of Michoacán for 70 million pesos to build in Uruapan, the Regional Hospital of the IMSS of 90 beds and specialties, with an investment of 950 million pesos.
In addition, the federation has already deposited the first 100 million pesos to build the hospitals of Maruata, municipality of Aquila and that of the indigenous community of Arantepacua, municipality of Nahuatzen, both infrastructures with a capacity of 20 beds each and an investment of 858 million pesos together.
The above, after an agreement signed on August 18 in which the Government of Michoacán and the IMSS, committed coordination for the exercise of resources that, for this year, represent 199 million pesos to initiate bidding processes and execution of the works in Maruata and Arantepacua.
The rest of the resource would be dispersed in 2024 to continue with the construction of hospitals and the corresponding equipment.
To which the president affirmed that the state administration is ready to move forward with the three projects that will cover the demand for medical services, affiliation of workers in the agro-export sector and beneficiaries.

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