translated from Spanish: PRD will be relaunched as Mexico’s social democratic left

The national leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano Grijalva, said that the party of the Aztec Sun is preparing for a deep restructuring, in order to consolidate itself as the political and leftist force that the Mexican republic needs at this time. He assured that Mexico needs a social democratic, left-wing party, which only the PRD can assume. In the framework of the Seventh Extraordinary Plenary Session of the X National Council of the PRD, Zambrano Grijalva said that these moments present a great field of opportunity for the party he leads, so that it can organize and resize its structure, with a view to regaining national relevance.” As a major league game, as they say colloquially, with the responsible and conscious commitment of all, I am sure that we will achieve it.” said the PRD leader. Before national advisers, the politician reiterated the call made by the partisan force for the United States government to withdraw the “economic blockade” to Cuba, while denounced the violation of rights and freedoms of Cubans by the regime headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel. on the one hand, a lawyer in favor of the Caribbean country in its conflict with the United States; while, on the other, it represses and violently represses migrants on mexico’s southern border.Read more: TEPJF profiles ratify Evelyn Salgado as governor-elect of Guerrero Finally, Jesús Zambrano did not miss the opportunity to express all his support for the governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, who continues to point to Morena as a “narco party” due to the incidents that, according to his statements, they occurred in the June 6 election, where the Morenoite Alfredo Bedolla was the winner. Couple get off a plane for refusing to wear a mask in the USA

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