translated from Spanish: The request for Covid-19 tests decreases by 50% in Ahome, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- During the last three weeks, the request for Covid-19 tests in the module of Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 of Ahome has decreased to 50 percent, Omar González Corral reported. We have on average 2 and a half weeks to three, where there has been a very important downward trend in the request for Covid tests, in the calls to the Covid module and the local call center that we have in this Jurisdiction, they have also decreased”. The head of Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 of the Ministry of Health of the state government, which covers the municipalities of northern Sinaloa, mentioned that they are performing between 10 to 12 tests a day, maximum 15, with a percentage of positivity between 30 and 33 percent. Yes, it has decreased, but this does not tell us that we should stop taking care of ourselves. We must continue to have all the care and measures that we all know to be able to have this downward trend, and that allows us to have a traffic light color at a lower risk at the local level.” The state official said that it is very important to continue adding efforts and carry out all the preventive measures that have already been announced countless times, such as the use of masks, masks or googles, as well as hand washing or the use of alcoholic gel. ” But above all, do not forget two very important measures that are healthy distancing and timely isolation. Undoubtedly, we all have to contribute to monitor and maintain all those protocols where we travel, to the supermarket where we go to make our pantry, to the store that we are going to make a return, the reopening has to be given, but all the care has to be maintained. ” He added that citizens have to continue taking care of themselves despite being vaccinated or that the color of the traffic light changes. Read more: Neighbors of rio Fuerte boulevard demand that Japama finish the repair work “The care and measures are what we must maintain permanently, and that is the only way to ensure ourselves and the people we love, and it is the only way to mitigate this pandemic that has affected us so much.” 1 year after Jessica’s femicide, family demands justice

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