translated from Spanish: Sadness in the political and cultural world for the death of Patricio Manns

Sadness caused in the cultural world the news of the death of the troubadour, writer and journalist Patricio Manns, who died this Saturday at the age of 84.
“Part of the lyricist who drew us in thinking, the author who made freedom grow wings, the artist who planted convictions of roots to the earth in its bankruptcy. You will continue to sprout in each of us. Thank you a thousand times. Bouquets of applause and feelings, beloved Patricio Manns,” wrote Anita Tijoux.
“All the honors to you, Patricio Manns, all the honors that the people, not the Chilean institutions, gave you. Fly, high turn friend, that up in the mountain range all the summits watch over you, “said the poet Raúl Zurita, National Prize for Literature.
“Friend, mate. Endless life, music and living poetry. Thank you and good trip,” said Deputy Amaro Labra, of Sol y Lluvia.
“A lot, a lot of grief… In the best natural tradition from today we will begin to know and recognize the enormity of his work,” said Jorge Coulon, historical member of Inti Illimani, a group that collaborated on several occasions with Manns.
For its part, the SCD said that “Chilean music today is in mourning: Patricio Manns, one of its most relevant and recognized names of all time, has left this Saturday, September 25 at the age of 84, leaving in the local culture a fruitful and invaluable legacy.”
“Emeritus member of the Chilean Society of Authors and Musical Performers (SCD) and Fundamental Figure of Chilean Music, Patricio Manns de Folliot served for more than six decades as a singer-songwriter and writer, becoming an emblem of neofollchlorine and a true bastion of the New Chilean Song, one of the definitive movements of local music.”
“As a group of musicians and musicians, we are part of the sorrow for this irreparable loss to the national culture, and we send a fraternal hug to his family, friends, admirers, and all those who shared with him in music,” he said.
Political and literary world
There were also reactions in the political world and music critics.
“A giant has departed. I was lucky enough to share music, literature and politics with Patricio Manns and Alejandra, who left a little earlier. His verses and heart against the light will forever continue to illuminate the struggles and feelings of Chile and America. Forever comrade!” wrote presidential candidate Gabriel Boric.
For her part, Deputy Pamela Jiles wrote: “Honor and Glory to Patricio Manns, who has just died at the age of 84, in a private clinic in Reñaca, where he was hospitalized for an aggravation of health weeks ago. He will be remembered as a brilliant singer-songwriter, distinguished writer and courageous social fighter.”
The conventional Manuel Woldarsky wrote: “Return to the mountain range, dear Patrick Manns. Thank you for your story.”
“Very sad. A great artist, poet-, writer who never received the recognition he longed for and certainly deserved, for his literary work, “said the editor Marisol Vera.
The academic Soledad Bianchi recalled that during the UP her songs were fundamental. “As a writer I would put him in the line of Pablo de Rokha, Carlos Droguett, of these overflowing, passionate and feisty writers,” he said. “We must thank the contribution he made in the last 50 years as a fundamental figure of the New Chilean Song.”
Meanwhile, the playwright Ramón Griffero said: “Patricio Manns, says goodbye with all the affection of a people to whom he interpreted and gives emotions and reminds us that in the Chile of tomorrow no creator or creator will suffer persecution and exile.”
He was “writer, singer-songwriter, composer, poet of the resistance and one of the most talented musicians in modern Chilean history. Patricio Manns, in the heart,” journalist Julio Osses wrote on his social networks.
“Patricio Manns has died, an artist in the broad sense of the word: composer, novelist, essayist, poet, a wonderful voice, a privileged creative talent,” agreed his colleague Mirna Schindler.

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