translated from Spanish: Esval ends “solidarity cut” to supply firefighters in fire-affected communes

The deputy manager of Esval, Alejando Salas, reported that the service in service is drinking water in the sectors affected by the solidarity cut to support the work of containment of the fire, is already normalizing Do.
” During this morning, we started the replenishment of our service in the areas where last night we had to perform interruptions that allowed us to more flow to deal with the fire. The network began to fill gradually and is already about 100% of the sectors with normal service.”, commented Salas.
The executive thanked the community for their support in this emergency, and also called for responsible and limited water consumption during the day in the Great Valparaiso. “We continue to support the work of firefighters and Conaf in the face of this emergency, we face a hot day and it is essential that in each moderate use drinking water is used, defering large consumption tasks such as; car wash, garden watering and use of washing machines.”
Health care remains in coordination with the authorities and will report other solidarity courts to deal with the fire.

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