translated from Spanish: Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Yatra kicked off their tour: Look behind the scenes

Finally, after the stop due to the coronavirus and the rescheduling of the dates, on Saturday the North American tour of Ricky Martín and Enrique Iglesias began, with the special guest Sebastián Yatra. The meeting with the audience was on the stage of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in the city of Las Vegas, where a crowd could enjoy the hits of the three figures. Ricky Martin shone with a setlist and reviewed several of his hits. “Livin ́ la Vida Loca”, “La bomba”, “Qué rico fuera”, “She Bangs”, “La mordidita” and “María”, among others, were the most danced. There was also room for ballads like “Vuelve”. The closing was with “The Cup of Life”.
Enrique was not far behind and sang with the effervescent public his most popular songs such as: “Duele el corazón”, “Bailamos”, “Cuando me enamoro”, “Me pasé”, “Súbeme la radio”, “Escape”, “El perdón” and “Tonight (I’m Lovin’You)”. For the closing he chose “Hero”, “Forgiveness”, “Dancing” and “I Like It”. Yatra also sang his most representative songs and shared on social media a clip that reviewed what he experienced on stage.
The three music stars uploaded to their social networks, various posts portraying what was lived on stage, and in dressing rooms, where you can see, in addition to the good vibes between them, and how they have fun. For his part, Ricky Martin also chose to thank the team that supports and works so that everything goes perfectly with a post where he says: “What a good party last night. This tour is not to be missed. Great production. I have to thank the 120 people who work long hours to put on this show, on and off stage. Lighting engineers, sound engineers, technicians, electricians, quantity surveyors. Thank you all, thank you very much. This is just the beginning. See you this week in Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, you guys are still on.”
Enrique Iglesias uploaded a video where the three exalted are seen, after coming down from the stage, cronies and happy. And he titled it simply “Friends.”
Sebastián Yatra, also shared the same video and it was a step further, since he wrote that if the post reached 50k, Enrique would have to upload a photo in a towel.

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