translated from Spanish: Starting today, people vaccinated abroad will be able to obtain proof from the Ministry of Health

As of today, those people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 abroad will be able to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the Nation through the Mi Argentina website.This was established in resolution 2673/2021 that was published this Thursday in the Official Gazette and that bears the signature of the holder of the health portfolio, Carla Vizzotti.

As specified, the certificate is for those who have received abroad a vaccine against COVID-19 authorized for use in Argentina or prequalified by the World Health Organization, and will be extended based on the affidavit of the vaccinated people. Subsequently, the resolution explains in its article 2 that the data that will be requested in the web version of Mi Argentina are the DNI, sex at birth, name and number of the vaccine received, establishment, city and country where it was applied and date of application.

Starting today, people who have been vaccinated abroad will be able to download a certificate valid in Argentine territory. Photo: NA / Mariano Sánchez.

For their part, in article 3, they develop: “Once the form has been completed, the declarants will have a record of their declaration that can be downloaded for the only time in PDF format. In addition, a record of the declared data will be sent to the informed email.” The standard, in turn, highlights “the importance of having the information of all vaccinated people, in order to gather complete and finished statistics that show the maximum level of coverage of vaccines against COVID-19, as well as that vaccinated people can access this record.”
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