translated from Spanish: Hugo Moyano explained why he did not vote in the PASO

In a radio communication with Radio Mitre, Hugo Moyano talked about his vision of the results of the last elections.
“There is some discomfort, we cannot deny this because it is a reality. That he did, in my opinion, because I have talked about it with many workers and families, who have not gone to vote because they did not feel like it or who voted for anyone because of anger.”

In addition, the Secretary General of Truckers added that the people are going to reverse the result: “But today they realize that if the dominant power that we had in the previous government returns, it is to lose all the right of the worker that at the time they achieved with the Perón government” and justified with “I am convinced that on the 14th we turn it around.” When talking about his vote, Moyano commented that although he regrets that many workers have not gone to vote, he did not exercise his civic duty either.” I will confess that I vote in Mar del Plata and I did not go to vote, I could not go. But on the 14th I’m going to vote because it’s necessary. And just as it happened to me, there were a lot of people” and also added “I had to do 800 km, 400 km one way and 400 km back. I say that because my age doesn’t force me to vote.” From the truckers’ union they avoided taking sides with any of the warring factions and remarked: “We support and accompany the democratic President of the Argentine Nation, Alberto Fernández and Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.”

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