translated from Spanish: Microcentro: they stopped a motorcycle with 5 million pesos in a backpack

There are stories that stand out for their striking nuances and sound hard to believe when, in the details, some unusual components are revealed. One of those is the capture of this criminal, which looks like the script of a hilarious movie, after his attempt to escape aboard a taxi with the jackpot of almost five million pesos. So it was that this Friday, Tucumán and San Martín streets in the microcenter of the City of Buenos Aires were the scene of the robbery perpetrated by two men on a motorcycle when they intercepted their two victims and stole their backpack from one of them. Apparently, two more men accompanied the miscreants observing the criminal sequence from the corner, as support, according to those injured by the robbery. During the last hours, the development of the facts was revealed, which began when one of the motorcycles got out of the vehicle, hit the head of one of the victims and snatched the backpack in which he was carrying the sum of $ 4,966,180 and then fled on the motorcycle with the driver. Alerted about the fact, members of the Motorized Division of the Neighborhood Police Station 1A of the City Police began an operation to catch the criminals. 

The detail that solves the story is that, after starting the tour of the area in search of the motorcycles, the police were able to guide themselves from a cell phone with GPS that was inside the stolen bag, which the fleeing criminal never noticed and that was the final sentence of his arrest. In that sense, the troops had the collaboration of the staff of Avenidas Céntricos and identified the suspect, who was aboard a taxi he had climbed on the corner of Ramos Mejía Avenue and Antártida Argentina, in the neighborhood of Retiro.Al make the arrest, the police were able to recover the money in full, which was intended for the payment of salaries of a transport company in the city of Junín. For his part, the taxi driver who was transporting the suspect told the authorities that he saw the passenger get off a motorcycle, but that it never crossed his mind that he had come from committing a robbery. The accused of committing the crime, 32 years old, was transferred to the corresponding police station for the crime of “robbery” under the modality of rapture after the intervention in the case of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 8, in charge of Yamile Bernan.

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