translated from Spanish: Mirtha Legrand remains “in clear improvement,” said the medical report

The diva of the lunches, Mirtha Legrand, continues with her recovery after having undergone a coronary procedure and presented in the last hours a “frank improvement”. The renowned driver had been hospitalized last Thursday at noon in the Mater Dei sanatorium due to a coronary obstruction. To address this health situation, the doctors placed two stents on the “Chiqui”, who is accompanied by her family.

The last medical report provided by Mater Dei pointed out that Mirtha Legrand “continues to improve clearly to the treatment performed, with good evolution in the last 24 hours.” Thanking everyone, we ask for prudence in the comments and respect for Mirtha and her family,” the prestigious sanatorium added. At the same time, it was reported that this Sunday at 11 there will be a new communication to publicize the state of health of the diva of the lunches.

My grandmother is very well ❤ Thank you very much for the concern to all the people, to those who wrote and to the media. — Nacho Viale (@nachoviale)
September 30, 2021

The grandson of the driver, Nacho Viale, had published last Friday the medical report in which it was pointed out that Mirtha Legrand had had “a favorable evolution to the treatment carried out, as expected she will continue to be hospitalized in the coronary unit.” The 94-year-old “Chiqui” had to walk away in 2020 from her classic show on the screen of El Trece due to the coronavirus pandemic, so she was replaced by her granddaughter Juana Viale.

Although the possibility of a return for 2021 was being considered, the complications in her health make it difficult for Mirtha Legrand to return to lunches on TV.

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