Carrió: “I had a blank maid for a month and I had to pay a fortune”

The leader of the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carrió, questioned the conditions of the labor system for the hiring and dismissal of personnel, and pointed out against measures that “prevent” the generation of employment. In a meeting with representatives of the tourism sector and merchants in Villa La Angostura, the former deputy said that “the prohibition of dismissals, with double compensation, prevents work” and gave as an example a situation that she herself had to go through with a retirement that- she revealed – amounts to $ 100,000: “I had a month and 10 days a blank domestic worker, but I had to pay him a fortune for a month and 10 days. And one that was six or seven years, well… The truth is that you can’t afford those kinds of payments.” In that line, he added: “The other problem that I want the merchants to explain to me, I do not know how the gross income is in Neuquén, how it is to pay taxes. The tax revolution in Argentina is part of this republican revolution that began with the countryside because of the tax issue of withholdings,” he said, and said: “We must simplify taxes, discriminate between Nation, Province and Municipalities, we must lower taxes and have social and universal programs such as citizen income. And we must end the compensation that SMEs found them.” In the framework of a tour that continued through Bariloche, and that will continue through San Martín de los Andes, Zapala and Bahía Blanca, the opposition leader predicted a “geopolitical cut” in our country because, she said, “it is one of the places in the world where there will be peace.” It is very feasible that this area has to be inhabited by the Argentines, by the Mapuches, but it also has to be inhabited by all those who, of good will, want to inhabit the Argentine soil, because Argentina is deserted, “said the former deputy, anticipating, thus, a situation similar to that of Europe with respect to migration. About the land grab and the conflict with the self-styled Mapuche community Lafken Winkul Mapu, he said: “The first stage is on behalf of the indigenous people. You know what I’m telling you? Lie! They use them and throw them away. I saw them change their vote, take off their shoes, take them in trucks to vote. They objectify them and then take them out.” And, finally, he charged against Kirchnerism: “Here in Bariloche were all the assets of Peralta, for example, the former governor of Santa Cruz, and Muñoz, Cristina’s former secretary. Don’t forget that Bariloche and Villa La Angostura are money laundering spots. This has to be taken over by the businessmen and by the community because the money that comes from drug trafficking is very large.”

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