Vanina Escudero was admitted urgently: her state of health

Vanina Escudero was rushed to the Olivos Clinic, located in the province of Buenos Aires due to a bleeding cyst inside the ovary, which according to medical sources “usually generates a lot of abdominal pain” and can “cause losses.” The fact was given to know the panelist Karina Iavícoli in Intruders, who said she had communicated with the dancer and next participant of MasterChef Uruguay. “He had a hemorrhagic follicle, which caused him a lot of pain and he had to stay there until that blood is reabsorbed or until the doctors indicate what to do,” he said.

Vanina and Silvina Esudero | Photo: Instagram @vaninaescudero

Vanina is accompanied by her sister, the model and panelist of Los Mammones (program hosted by Jey Mammon on America TV) Silvina Escudero, with whom she was reunited on the occasion of her birthday. 

As Silvina told in a mobile for the same program, her sister surprised her at the entrance of her house after months without seeing each other since Vanina decided to move to Uruguay with her family. The word of Álvaro Navia
For his part, the comedian and husband of Vanina, gave details of her state of health. “It’s already good luckily. Right now he is with the doctor. In a while he is discharged. I’m in Uruguay,” he said in a dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Mitre Live. Thanks for asking. He was not yet given the diagnosis but it was nothing important. It was more out of caution for a pain. Silvina is with her. He has more details because at this moment they are disdding him,” he concluded.

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