Deputy Brito (RD) for irregular contributions of fishing to Sichel: “Perhaps how many more favors have been done to him throughout his political career”

Deputy Jorge Brito (RD), in his capacity as president of the Committee on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime Interests of the Chamber, referred to the possible irregular financing of the campaign of the then candidate for deputy for the Christian Democracy in 2009, Sebastián Iglesias Sichel, by the fishing industry.
In this regard, he pointed out that “it is clear that the government candidate Sebastián Sichel since 2009 maintains commitments with the fishing authors of the current Corrupt Fishing Law that gave the sea in perpetuity to 7 families and that we are going to recover.”
According to the parliamentarian, this type of approach puts at risk “our common natural goods and harm humble people, work and effort such as artisanal fishing to receive precisely this type of payments that in 2009 received 30 million pesos, but perhaps how many more favors have been done to him throughout his political career.”
For the same reason, Brito accused La Moneda of preferential treatment with the fishing industry when processing the bills in the National Congress. “We have witnessed how these corrupt fishing industries have maintained a privileged treatment in the government of Sebastián Piñera, so for us it is a duty that this ends,” he said.
Brito pointed to other politicians who maintain links with the companies mentioned in the report: “It is necessary that people who have commitments to these industries cannot access public office, because when the time comes to make decisions, what they do is that they surrender the sovereignty of Chile.”

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