Anna Chiara del Boca goes to Justice to change her last name

Anna Chiara Biasotti del Boca, is how the name of DNI of the actress (21) appears, who currently seeks to go to Justice to make it clear how she identifies herself and wants to call herself, removing her relationship with her father, Ricardo Biasotti, being investigated and her cause could have important news soon. The young woman makes express her request to be called Anna del Boca, eliminating all reference to her biological father, whom she denounced for sexual abuse and corruption of minors. His lawyer, Paula Ojeda, a specialist in gender violence prevention and gender equality, will formally present the request to the Justice next week. “We are going to start a lawsuit for suppression of surname and first name, Anna del Boca wants to get the middle name that was put at the request of her father and her surname,” the lawyer confirmed to Teleshow.

Biasotti, denounced for sexual abuse and aggravated corruption of minors

Anna has an anti-panic button as a preventive measure, and an anti-panic button, which prevents Biasotti from approaching her less than 200 meters. This measure was guaranteed by the Juticia in the framework of the case investigating the employer. The young woman, actress like her mother Andrea del Boca, managed to denounce her father after several years, first in statements to Caras Magazine; testimony that was expanded through a video that he sent to Intruders days later. There, she recounted some of the crimes of physical and psychological violence to which Biasotti subjected her.

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