Premios Sur 2021: “Las Siamesas”, “Crímenes de familia” and the list of winners

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina announced the complete list of its films and workers winners of the Sur Awards, who led the films “Las Siamesas” (with nine statuettes), “Crímenes de familia” (with three), by Paula Hernández and Sebastián Schindel, respectively. Both films were in turn those that topped the preselection of the Platinum Awards of Ibero-American Cinema, both with 8 nominations, including Best Direction.

It should be remembered that the director is the second consecutive year to win the awards ceremony, given that in the previous edition she took several statuettes with “Los Sonámbulos”, a film starring Érica Rivas and Daniel Hendler that were now selected by the Hollywood Academy for “El Prófugo”, by Natalia Meta.

Sofia Gala Castiglione, winner for “Family Crimes”

The South Awards are voted by more than 250 members of the Film Academy in two phases: in the first instance were in competition the films that were released from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. And in this second instance the winners of the nominations were voted.

The films with the most awards were followed by: “El Maestro”, by Cristina Tamagnini, Julián Dabien; “El cuaderno de Tomy”, by Carlos Sorín and for which his grandson Julián Sorín won, “La Fiesta Silenciosa”, “La Muerte no existe y el Amor tampoco”, “Planta Permanente” and “Niña Mamá”, winner for Best Film Documenta.Below is the complete list of winners:

Best Supporting Actor: Osmar Núñez for “Death does not exist and neither does Love”
Best Original Screenplay: Sebastián Schindel and Pablo del Teso for “Family Crimes”
Best Adapted Screenplay: Leonel D’Agostino and Paula Hernández for “Las Siamesas”, based on the short story “Las Siamesas” by Guillermo Saccomanno.
Best Art Direction: Julieta Dolinsky for “Las Siamesas”.
Best Costume Design: Laura Donari and Monica Toschi for “The Siamese”
Best Makeup and Characterization: Néstor Burgos for “Las Siamesas” 
Female Revelation: Nina Suárez for “Permanent Plant”
Best Cinematography: Iván Gierasinchuk for “Las Siamesas” 
Best Documentary Film: “Niña Mamá” directed by Andrea Testa. 
Best Supporting Actress: Sofia Gala Castiglione for “Family Crimes” 
Best Sound: Martín Grignaschi for “La Fiesta Silenciosa” 
Best Editing: Rosario Suárez for “Las Siamesas”
Male Revelation: Julián Sorín for “El Cuaderno de Tomy”
Best Original Music: Sebastián Escofet for “Crímenes de Familia”
Best First Feature: “El Maestro” directed by Cristina Tamagnini and Julián Dabien.
Best Leading Actress: Valeria Lois for “The Siamese” 
Best Leading Actor: Diego Velázquez for “El Maestro”
Best Director: Paula Hernández for “Las Siamesas”
Best Fiction Film: “Las Siamesas” directed by Paula Hernández.

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