Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson separated: they claim that the singer ended the relationship in the worst way

The name of Chris Martin is trending for these hours, since they assure that his relationship with Dakota Johnson is finished. The musician would have put an end to the love story in an inelegant way. The couple has been together since 2017, after the singer of “Coldplay” and actress Gwyneth Paltrow decided to have fun, the first time they were seen together was at the birthday celebration of Elle De Generes and from there, they were inseparable. However, they say that the singer was not entirely committed to the relationship, and before some suggestions from Dakota about strengthening the bond more, Martin was distant.

As announced by In Touch magazine, the actress was looking forward to her birthday celebration when she was surprised by a text message from Martin. A source told the magazine: “Just hours before dinner, Chris texted her and told her he wanted to take some time… I was devastated.” This is not their first break with the musician, they argued. And they added up, Martin claimed that the relationship had cooled down. “The saddest part is that he did it by text message,” the insider added. His friends think he got nervous. When things get too serious, like when she starts talking about having kids, that’s when he tends to panic. But all hope is not lost. Gwyneth, who adores Dakota, is trying to get them back together. If anyone can do it, it’s her,” they said from the middle. 

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