Florcita Alarcón was fined by the Seremi de Salud for failing to comply with quarantine

The Seremi of Health of the Metropolitan region issued a fine of one million 300 thousand pesos to Deputy Florcita Alarcón for failing to comply with the quarantine that was to govern in the capital during April of this year. It should be remembered that the parliamentarian was inspected in Providencia, while he remained parked in his vehicle with indications of having been hit on the right side. As reported by La Tercera Alarcón, he justified his transit through the capital during his confinement and argued that he should take his computer to a technical service to meet telematically to Congress, which was not accepted by the health authority. The aforementioned media also indicated that the Seremi de Salud explained that “the disclaimers made do not exempt its responsibility in the facts found (…) in addition to the insufficient of his disclaimers, since he failed to comply with current health regulations, moving to a commune in quarantine without the relevant documentation, for this case the temporary transfer permit, the summariado has endangered public health for an obvious violation of current health regulations, proceeding for this to be sanctioned. ” To this sanitary infraction is added one of traffic because at that time Carabineros requested the documentation of the vehicle, which was expired.

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